Sunflower sky  Fairies Haven
The Fairy Mound with an offering of chocolate for the Fairies
  Alexandria Silvernail,M.S.,N.P.
Welcome. I am a Certified Psychic/Medium , Ordained Interfaith Minister and Nurse Practitioner.  I re-
side in the countryside outside Scottsville, N.Y., where I follow my passion for helping others via intuitive spiritual readings and wellness coaching. I also enjoy officiating at custom wedding ceremonies that relect the passion and values of the bridal couple.  My second passion is mystic gardening, which creates a beautiful retreat for humans and other spirits from the angelic realm, especially fairies.  My home is named Fairies Haven and is only twenty minutes from downtown Rochester, NY.
In addition to a Master's degree in Nursing from the University of Rochester, I have been very fortunate to be a graduate of the Trilogy Institute In Lily Dale, N.Y. There, I was honored to study
under and be mentored by the
Rev. Patricia Price, M.S., who is a very gifted registered Lily Dale medium.  I was first ordained as
an Interfaith Minister. Then, after  three years of in-depth study, I
was certified as a Medium through    the Trilogy Institute in Lily Dale. 
I am blessed to know this wonder-
ful woman who showed me how to spread joy and light and assisted me as I transformed my innate clairvoyant abilities into a spiritual
art form. 
Lt.: Rev. Alexandria Silvernail,MS with Rev. Patricia Price,MS
Rev. Alexandria Silvernail,MS
Certified Psychic/Medium, Interfaith Minister